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Come and join the famous Addam's Family in this funny and kooky musical. 

Wednesday Addam's is now 18 and the most horrifying thing has happened! She's in love, with a normal boy. Not only that, but she and her boyfriend, Lucas Beineke, want to get married. There's only one huge problem... telling their families. The plan is to hold a family dinner in which the parents can all meet for the first time, but meeting the Addam's family is going to be an interesting experience for the Beineke's and disaster looms.

When Wednesday reveals her engagement plans to her father, Gomez, she has one condition; under no circumstances can Gomez tell her mother, Morticia, because Wednesday is sure she will never understand. Gomez has never lied to his wife before, they have always shared everything, and keeping this secret threatens to destabilise the entire family. Luckily Uncle Fester and the ghosts of Addam's ancestors are there to lend a helping hand in the name of love. 

This comedy musical is full of catchy tunes and quirky characters that are guaranteed to make you smile. 

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To book tickets please click on the link below

To see a list of our past productions please click here. You can also visit our gallery page to see some of our on and off stage photographs.

Our May 2024 Production is Legally Blonde. Performing at the Derby Theatre Wednesday 15th-Saturday 18th May. Why not book your tickets now. 

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